Vintage Daisy Crochet Pattern


  It’s so nice to have a pattern to follow. I am not one of those people who can free hand anything (maybe someday). Sometimes I get a crazy idea in my head that I can but the end result is a mess. Not so with this! Speckless went through all the trouble of making a vintage daisy pattern […]

17 Garden Lighting Ideas


I have a dream that one day every part of my home will be cute, cozy, warm, and inviting. Bit by bit I am working on this. The least hospitable place is my backyard. It is ugly. I will add a cute DIY here, and work on a planter there, but overall it is not […]

DIY Pallet Headboard Tutorial


  Today I am excited to feature a pallet headboard from Instructables. My guest bedroom is in need of a little “spicing up” and this would look really nice in there. They did such a good job and the tutorial is terrific! This will be easy to re-create if I follow the instructions and work hard. I have […]

Paper Grocery Bag Into Easter Basket


  I keep forgetting to run to the store and buy Easter baskets. There is still time but maybe I will make them instead. That’s what Lia Griffith did and they are “si précieux!” These cute little baskets might not be large enough for the big kids in your life, but for the littles, they are too cute not […]

Perfect DIY Pallet Deck For Under $300


  I’ve said it before, but pallets are made of hardwood and that makes them great for outdoor projects. They will last the test of time (and they will look awesome doing it)! You are going to need a deck for summer. Where else will the barbeque go? You need to see what Remodelaholic has done with shipping pallets! […]

DIY Fabric Coil Bowl


Working with fabric is a job as old as modern nations. Some cities from the past thrived on only this type of industry. Some countries have grown from manufacturing clothes and other type of fabric-related products. Now, the DIY movement and trend has brought this skill to every home. Making a lovely bowl out of fabric […]

How To Paint With Watercolors, Glue and Salt


If you’re looking to create new and captivating designs, then this next activity is perfect for you. Recommended especially if you have any bored youngster around you, painting with watercolors and glue is so inspirational. At first, it may seem like a contradiction, but you will find out that the result is beautiful and ready […]

Easter Crafts: Eggshell Candle Centerpiece


Decorate your room with this creative table centerpiece. For this year’s Easter festivities, improve the interior design of your dining room with this fun craft project. Here is what you will need in order to pull up this DIY Eggshell Candle Centerpiece: • a bunch of eggshells; • as many Tealight candles as eggshells; • an egg […]

How to Use Neon Straws and String to Make Easy DIY Hanging Planters


  You’ve seen ‘em. You’ve stopped in your tracks. And if you’re like us, you totally swooned. They’re the coolest thing to hit green home decor since terrariums — yep, we’re talking hanging planters. And while our Pinterest boards are full of pretty potted options, none of them popped quite the way we want them to — you know […]

Kinder Surprise Egg Cake


When you see the way bakers manage to prepare those awesome cakes on TV, you might feel kind of disappointed that your baking isn’t that inspiring. Worry no more, because we are here to teach you a nice trick on how to become more like the popular chefs. Here is all you need to know […]