How to DIY Aquarium Coffee Table


My kids love to go to the aquarium and see the wonderful world under the sea. I had always wanted to make a small aquarium at home to entertain them. I came across this amazing DIY project to make an aquarium coffee table. That’s really cool! For a fraction of the cost of ready-made models […]

How to Make a Unique Napkin Holder from Clothespins


Clothespins aren’t just for hanging the clothes! With a little bit of creativity and patience, you can turn these clever clippers into some useful household items. I’d like to show you a fun way of making a unique napkin holder from clothespins. It looks like a fan, isn’t it? It’s very easy to make so why […]

How to Install DIY Flagstone Path


A pretty stone path enhances the overall beauty of your garden. You can try DIY installing your own garden path. Actually it is easier than you expected. It’s not very technical and does not require any power tools. All you need is some supplies, time and a good tutorial to show you how to do it. I […]

How to DIY Twins High Chair Table


I am excited to feature this amazing DIY project to make a high chair table for twins. Although I don’t have twins, I really like this brilliant idea that the handy Daddy of the twins came up with. This high chair table not only fits these cute baby twins, but also accommodates the whole family […]

How to DIY Unique Chandelier from Plastic Bottles


There are many ways to re-purpose plastic bottles into some useful household items. Plastic bottle craft is a nice way to recycle plastic bottles. Sometimes these crafts are so beautiful that can exceed your expectations. Today I am excited to share with you this creative idea to make a unique chandelier from plastic bottles. It consists […]

How to DIY Wine Glass Candle Lampshades


Here is a super cute idea to make some elegant and stylish wine glass candle lampshades. They easily transform wine glasses into romantic and decorative little candlelit lamps, which are unique table decor and great for a romantic dinner. You can choose different colors and patterns of vellum paper to create your own design. Enjoy! […]

How to DIY Decorative Tree from Old Newspaper


Here is a super cute idea to recycle old newspaper and make a decorative tree. It looks so unique and beautiful. It’s very easy to make and doesn’t require weaving skill at all. Just some twisting and wrapping will do. You can work with your kids on it and they can learn the concept of recycling. […]

How to DIY Swan Garden Decor from Recycled Plastic Bottles


Summer is here! We always enjoy our family time in our back yard. The kids are playing games while my husband and I are sitting on the bench and enjoy the beautiful blooming flowers. We think it would be a good idea to add some funny animal decor to our garden, such as an adorable piglet […]

How to DIY Storage Basket from Plastic Container and Clothespins


Clothespins aren’t just for hanging the clothes! With a little bit of creativity, you can turn these clever clippers into some unique and useful household items. I’d like to show you a fun and easy way to transform a plastic container into a beautiful storage basket. The secret is using clothespins to decorate the container and then […]

How to DIY Apple Pie of Roses


I like to bake various fruit pies with fresh fruits, especially when they are in season. Strawberry pies, cherry pies, apple pies… They are so yummy, with the natural flavor from fresh fruits. I also like to decorate the fruits on the pies so that they are not only delicious, but also attractive. I found […]