10 Budget Friendly Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen


  I am in love with this roundup from Amazing Interior Designs. It is brilliant and I am so excited to feature it here today! These ideas are as affordable as they are simple. It really is amazing how big of a difference little touches can make. Adding a rug, changing the light features, or adding a […]

DIY Grated Wax Candles


What a wonderful and easy DIY from Sadaruchka! Projects like this are my life-lines. I start so many projects and get overwhelmed when none get finished. This is a fun way to repurpose old candles too. You can use any number of colors and layers and come out with a different creation each time. Check it out here… […]

Make A Giant Pancake In Your Rice Cooker


  Yumm-o. This really is more like a cake. A big delicious breakfast cake. This is the lazy way to do breakfast. Just my style! Breakfast with just the push of a button. One and Done. Adding chunks of chocolate, sliced bananas, and blueberries would be a scrumptious idea. This way makes fewer dishes to wash […]

How To Make Bicycle Wheel Clock DIY Tutorial


This bicycle wheel clock project is going to blow you out. This is a great way to recycle that old bike that sits around the junk corner of your house. Isn’t the bicycle wheel perfect for a clock? Follow the tutorial to make your cool bike rim clock. You can hang it on a wall. The Roman […]

How To Turn Old Skateboards Into Bookshelves


Old skateboards are perfect for up-cycling into bookshelves. These shelves works nicely for a dorm or as a gift for your skateboard friends. What you need for this project are 2 threaded rods 16 bolts 16 washers 2 L shelf brackets drill or right angle driver 2 skateboards Source : http://www.instructables.com/id/Skateboard-Bookshelf/

How To Make Mini Soda Can Alcohol Camping Stove


During our last camping trip, I saw someone in our camping ground using a mini alcohol stove and was intrigued and wanted to have one for myself. Upon some research, I found out that you can turn those empty soda cans into a mini camping stove very easily. Source : http://www.adamsventure.com/alcohol-stove/

S-Braid Hairstyle Step By Step Tutorial


Gosh! That was my response when I first saw this hairstyle. This S shape hair braid is just marvelous. It looks so great that I could stop thinking to try. The braid looks complicated at the first sight, but once I read through the step by step guide from Stylo Lady, it becomes much more reasonable if […]

How To Make DIY Test Tube Vase


I have been intrigued with test tube crafts lately and thought this test tube vase is pretty different and cool. To make this project you need unfinished crafting box (you can buy one or build you own) 5/8 inch test tubes 5/8 inch wood boring drill bit sandpaper wood stain or paint & a brush […]

24 DIY Garden Projects That Anyone Can Make


Looking for ways to create a fun and inviting garden without breaking your bank account? There are so many DIY garden projects that you can make. Folks at Best Plants have gathered a list of 24 cool and easy DIY garden projects from around the world. Source : http://bestplants.com/24-diy-garden-projects-anyone-can-make/

How To Make Beautiful DIY Bracelets From Recycled Plastic Water Bottles


Browsing through DIY projects online, I am often surprised by how creative people can be. People can almost make anything from something that I have never thought aboutYes, I have shown you how to make bracelets, but not with a recycled plastic water bottle, but somebody has tried it out so nicely. Source : http://diygreenhomes.blogspot.com/2012/06/diy-beautiful-recycling-barcelets-from.html