DIY Project: Recycled Light Bulbs


Here we have an ingenious idea regarding burnt-out light bulbs. It’s easier to throw away a burnt-out bulb, but it is lovelier for it to be transformed into a decorative item. If you don’t want to waste your burn-out incandescent light bulbs, we came up with a very simple way of recycling them. With a […]

How to Create a Miniature Garden


Today we will talk a little bit about miniature gardens. I was searching form a totally other thing and I “stumbled” on some pictures with amazing miniature gardens made in flower pots. At first, it’s better to know that this miniature gardens planted in a pot or other container, are designed to resist outside in the sun […]

Beautiful Vertical Garden Ideas


Vertical gardens. Their fashion begun a few years ago, but not very many people have heard of them before. The number of apartment owners who appeal to architects and landscapers to put in house vertical garden grows every month. It is clear that the trend of 2013 is the kind of pictures that can replace […]

Paint The Inside of Clear Bottles to Create Beautiful Vases


We all have a lot of glass bottles at home, which we often acquired when buying some drinks. If we use our imagination these bottles can be recycled, and we decided to show you a way in which you can decorate your house with them. So here is how to do it: opinions are innumerable, […]

Tricycle Made Out Of Baby Diapers


People find it hard to make a suitable gift for a baby at a baby shower. The party where it’s actually more about the parents than the kid, you have to bring things that will make the job of the mom and dad a lot easier, especially if it’s their first child. So, blend the […]

Butterfly Footprint Art Tutorial


Mother’s Day is May 11th this year. It’s a hard holiday for me to remember because there isn’t an easy set of rules for when it will be. Thanksgiving is always the last Thursday in November and Christmas is always December 25th. Even though it may not always be on the same date, Mother’s Day […]

Kitchen Sink Pull-Out Storage


What is under your sink? Mine is packed full of garbage bags, shopping bags from the grocery store, Clorox wipes, dishwasher tabs, regular dish soap, and random other stuff. Opening the door has always been risky because it could all fall out! The Family Handyman has a step-by-step tutorial to walk us through making under sink storage trays. […]

DIY Cedar Smokehouse


Are you intimidated by the thought of building your own smokehouse? Don’t be! It isn’t as difficult as you think and the end results will be well worth the work. Cedar smells wonderful and smokedmeats taste delicious! This will be a great addition to any home! Here’s the link to the building plans… TheOwnerBuilderNetwork – DIY […]

Clothes Pin Lamps by David Olschewski


David Olschewski is a repurpose designer/creator. He takes old objects and turns them into something 100% new. Just like the lamps pictured above! He turned clothes pins into a lamp. I like this eco-friendly product a whole lot! What do you think? Follow the link to get more info… TrendHunter – Eco Clothes Pin Lamps Image

24 Wine Bottle Centerpiece Ideas


You need to check out these brilliant centerpiece ideas. I’ve decorated with wine bottles before and loved it but after a while it gets lame. These aren’t your boring, stick a bottle with a flower on the table, too lazy to do anything else, kind of decorating ideas. Try your hand at string, hanging, chalkboard […]