Muffins with blueberry and cardamom




100g butter with salt

2 decile milk

2 eggs

1.5 decile sugar

1 small spoon sugar with vanilla

4.5 decile flour

2 small spoons backing soda

Half spoon salt

2 small spoon cardamoms

300g blueberry

How to prepare it:

We warm the oven on 175 then we melt the butter and throw the milk. We beat the eggs with sugar and vanilla until it became a soft cream then we throw the milk with melted butter but the milk must not be too warm. We mix the flour, backing soda, salt and cardamom and then we throw it to the components we made before, add the blueberries. We fill the muffins forms with 2/3 of the component and we bake them for 12-16 minutes.