While Mom Shops For Toddler, She Sees An Envelope Taped To The Toy Shelf And Stops Cold


If there’s one thing that kids can never get enough of, it’s brand new toys! Visiting the toy store is usually a happy occasion for both kids and parents alike. But, for Bonita Ortega, her recent trip to a local Toys”R”Us had unexpected consequences.

As she was walking up and down the aisles in search of the Cars section for her toddler, she noticed an envelope taped to one of the displays. Although Bonita didn’t think much of it at first, her curiosity got the better of her. She quietly approached it and took a quick peek inside.

What she discovered was both heartbreaking and uplifting. Bonita knew that she had to share her discovery with anyone who would listen!

After Bonita’s 2-year-old broke his leg earlier in the week, she decided to make a special trip to Toys”R”Us to cheer up the tiny tot.

“I decided to go to ToysRUs today on lunch to get him a “Get Well” present to surprise him with when I got home. I walk up to the Cars section, anyone that knows Nixon, knows he loves Cars.”

While she was trying to figure out which toy to pick out, Bonita happened to spot a mysterious envelope attached to one of the displays. It appeared to have writing scribbled on the outside, so the curious mother ventured closer to see what it said.


Flickr/Mike Mozart

Although Bonita wasn’t sure what she’d find, this certainly wasn’t it! It didn’t take her long to break down in tears – the words shook her to the core. It was obvious that whomever wrote the note wanted the envelope to be found, along with the gift that was waiting inside.

“Please use this cash to buy something in honor of our son Henry who would be 4 on March 2, 2017.”

Incredible! An anonymous parent decided to cherish their son’s memory by paying it forward, so that another family could buy toys for their own kiddos.

“I immediately started to cry, it was bittersweet tears. I was hurting for Henry’s family, but so thankful that my Nixon could honor this sweet boy.”

Bonita wasn’t going to refuse this generous offering! The grieving parent who left the cash wanted to know that they helped make a child happy.


Facebook/Love What Matters


Bonita would have loved to thank Henry’s parents in person, but there was no way for her to find them. All she had was a first name and date of birth.

“I wish I could personally thank Henry’s parents and just tell them how thankful we are for their sweet gesture. Nixon was able to get this awesome Cars garage that he hasn’t stopped playing with since opening it. Please share in hopes this will make it to them. Happy Birthday, Henry!”

With the power of social media, she is hoping that her heartfelt gratitude will somehow make it back to the kind soul who left the precious gift of love.


Facebook/Love What Matters

This is such a bittersweet gift. But it serves as a reminder that even in grief, there is still joy to be found. What an amazing way to honor a loved one!