Rainbow Roses – DIY


The perfect gift for a lady are definitely the flowers, especially roses. But what if you are tired of offering the same old bouquet of roses? What is your opinion about making some customized roses in your own house? Here is a suggestion you might find easy and suited for something new: Rainbow Roses. You […]

Pretty Havaianas With Balloons – DIY


If you are bored of your same old slippers, we found an idea that will make you spend a few relaxing minutes doing something handmade, with almost no money at all and a satisfying result. Here is a walk through the steps of making Havaianas  with balloons: You will need: – havaianas slippers; – small baloons (multicolored […]

Lovely Hair Accessories from Bottle Caps – DIY

Lovely-Hair-Accessories-from-Bottle-Caps-DIY (1)

Have you ever thought about making cute bobby pins hats by reusing bottle caps? Give a special touch to your elegant look by creating these tiny hair accessories. It is very simple and easy to do. Check out the directions and the video below. You will need: – bobby pins; – bottle caps; – cardboard […]

How to turn an barrel into an outdoor BBQ grill


Speaking of party, I am thinking to replace my BBQ grill. After looking around, I have increased my budget from a couple hundred bucks to several hundred bucks. Indeed, a good quality BBQ grill like the one shown above can easily cost hundreds of dollars. So you must know what I am thinking. Is there any […]

How to mount a TV on the wall and hide all the cords


I am very excited to feature this very creative idea: mounting your TV on the wall and concealing all the messy cords in the wall. House of hepworths has put together a very detailed tutorial to do so. To my surprise, the project itself doesn’t really take too long. It only takes about hour or […]

How to build a DIY vertical herb garden planter


I was thinking to increase my garden space efficiency and this vertical herb garden planter caught my attention. It was quite simple to build and you could plant quite some herbs with this vertical stacking design. One thing I would probably do differently is to add some cross beams to the base to make the […]

Turn Painter’s Plastic Into Hours of Water Bed Fun


It was 75 degrees here the other day. Summer? No, it was just a teaser. But it did get me thinking about summer and how I should start stockpiling ideas and coming up with projects to do. I have seen a few variations on the water blob (sometimes called the best use of painters plastic ever) but […]

10 Amazing Chairs For Book Lovers


  What do you do once you find the perfect book to read? That’s right! You look for the perfect place to cuddle up and read it. Today I’m happy to feature Good Magazine’s collection of chairs for booklovers. These ten chairs are awesome! As a booklover, I think these chairs are a dream come true! See all 10 […]

TV Cabinet Into Playhouse Kitchen


  A kids playhouse kitchen would be a fun addition to the playroom for that little guy or gal in your life. I had an easy bake oven but this could have ran circles around that! Re-purposing an oldentertainment center is a pretty grand idea and decorating it will be so fun! Here’s the link to […]

Vintage Beer Barrel Beds


  Next time you are in Germany you need to stay at the Landhotel Hof Beverland’s beer themed room. The hotel and its unique rooms are featured in an article written by the Huffington Post and they are terrific. It has themed rooms that are complete with “beer beds.” The beds are made from vintage beer barrels built […]