51 Borderline Genius Backyard DIYs


I love my backyard. I love spending time there. I love being creative to make it fun and beautiful. I also love working on it within my budget. I love Buzzfeed’s latest roundup because it has everything I love. Backyard, budget, and brilliant. Yes indeed. Brilliant. Check it out… Buzzfeed – 51 Budget Backyard DIYs That Are […]

Turn A Plastic Bottle Into An Adorable Owl


So cute! I love the idea of repurposing an old soda bottle into a cute woodland creature. Now it will look like I’m not such a diet-coke-aholic. Everyone will just think I’m addicted to DIYs, which is so true! Get the instructions here… Veetje – Bird Bottle Image Credit: veetje.be

Homemade Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring


Yikes! Be careful with this one! It is wonderfully easy and deliciously addictive. Tablespoon has put together a yummy recipe for us to enjoy and I am so glad to feature it here! My tummy is rumbling just thinking about his. Do you believe this can be ready to go in 30 minutes? Believe and enjoy! Find the […]

40+ Ways To Re-purpose Ladders Inside and Out


  Hometalk has a fabulous roundup on repurposed ladders and I am so excited to feature it here today! There are so many great ways to decorate with them. Who knew? Creative decor, bathroom storage, in the garden, and even as a Christmas tree. These ladders can find a home anywhere really. See all the ideas here… Hometalk […]

18 Creatively Genius Bathroom Storage Ideas


  Check out this terrific roundup on bathroom storage from Home Ideas! They have gathered up such good ideas. I think everyone can use a little organization help now and then, and especially in the bathroom. If you are one of the few who doesn’t, please tell me how you do it! Find all 18 tips here… […]

Homemade Rigatoni Pasta Pie


Pasta, how I love thee! Pasta is a favorite dish of mine. (As if you couldn’t tell by how I talk about it. Lol!) Pie is another favorite. Putting the two together makes me ecstatic. I’m so happy to feature Live Love Pasta and their delicious pasta pie recipe. It looks so yummy and “it’s as easy as pie” […]

Complete Pallet Garden Set


  1001 Pallets has more pallet projects than anyone else and I love to feature their DIYs. I especially love this garden set. What is not to love about a matching table, couch, chair, and tree house? I love complete sets and that’s exactly what this is! Find some comfy decorative pillows and you are ready to entertain! […]

21 ‘Must Know’ Cleaning Tips And Tricks


Cleaning tips and tricks? My fav! Wednesday is my cleaning day and I try to gather as many tips as I can from week to week. Last week I rocked some Pinterest tricks on cleaning my bathtub. Now it is sparkling! This week I am in search of tips for cleaning my microwave and I see […]

Easy Crock Pot Lasagna Recipe


  Pasta is such a painless choice for dinner. So simple and it seems like there is always some in the pantry. Throw a crock pot into the mix and your life will be complete! Well, not your life, but at least your family dinner. I’m so excited to feature Best Yummy Recipes and this brilliant recipe. It […]

DIY Patio Table With Built-In Drink Cooler


  Check out this cooler/table! Isn’t it great?! I found it over at Lifehacker and I am so excited to feature it. Summer time + no TV + friends + food + cold drinks within arms reach = backyard bliss. I am in love with this ideas and need to find out how I can get one of […]